Peter Bosco was first introduced to House Music in 1992 when he came across legendary Toronto DJ Mitch Winthrop’s radio show, “The Rhythm Method”. Other radio shows including, “The Fear Edit” with Peter, Tyrone and Shams, as well as “Midnight Madness” soon caught Peter’s attention and slowly his love for House Music elevated. It wasn’t too long after attending countless clubs and warehouse parties with music inspired from Toronto legends Dino & Terry, Peter & Tyrone that Peter decided to try his own hand at Djing, and so the story begins. Being quite content as a bedroom DJ, he came across an opportunity to submit a tape to The Classic House Page website. A website famous for mixes from legend Tony Humphries off of HOT97 in NYC. Peter’s soulful style instantly caught the attention of many listeners and before long he was receiving much praise for his excellent programming and mixing ability.

Wanting House Music to be a larger part of his life, Peter founded his own website in September 1998. gave Peter the opportunity to share with the rest of the world what he knew and loved. He is the creator of this site from its foundation to what it known as today, one of the leading House Music sites of its kind, both at the Canadian and international level. He is the resident DJ of the site submitting his famed monthly mixdowns, which feature nothing but cutting edge music. As well as his celebrated “The Way We Used To” mixes, dedicated to classics and warehouse anthems that started it all. Also featured on the site are numerous local and international DJs that have submitted exclusive sets for the site, including Dino & Terry (Toronto), Frankie Feliciano (NYC), Kings of Tomorrow (NJ), 95 North (Washington, D.C.) and the Basement Boys (Baltimore). The site has grown to have over 30 DJs and being a large supporter of local talent, has given much exposure to many unknown, aspiring DJs.

Through his incredible dedication to the music and the colossal popularity of the site, Peter began to play in a number of Toronto clubs, taking his talent to the live audience. In the past few years that Peter has been playing clubs, he holds over 30 venues to his name. Toronto hotspots such as Roxy Blu, Una Mas, Revival, Surface, Alto Basso, Mockingbird to name a few have been graced with Peter's vocal driven sets. To his credit Peter has played alongside many world-renowned DJs, including Dino & Terry, Teddy Douglas and Karizma (Basement Boys) on seperate occassions, Doug Smith (95North), Mateo & Matos, Miguel Migs, Jerome Sydenham, Jask, heavy hitters DJ Deep, Frankie Feliciano, legends Tony Humphries, Timmy Regisford and Little Louie Vega. Also playing parties featuring vocalists Kenny Bobien, Stephanie Cooke, CeCe Rogers, Sabrynaah Pope.

His soulful style will continue to grab the admiration and attention of many heads and DJs alike. Prepare to see him rocking the next crowd throughout the next weeks, months and years, when Peter’s playing there’s never a dull moment.

In Oct 2001 Peter got his first taste of media coverage when he was interviewed by Toronto's weekly paper 'Eye'. Check out the feature by Denise Benson for Extended Play here. Most recent (Jan 2002) Peter was featured in Toronto's 'NOW' Magazine in Benjamin Boles' Vibes column.


November 28 2008
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December 10 2004
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