"DJ Mat2002"

Music has been his passion ever since he can remember, so it was no more than logical that a lifelong hobby would develop.

In the early 80's he formed a Breakdancing Crew with his brother and a couple friends. With Mat in charge of music selection, the DJ in him was born, as was the quest to search, find and deliver quality music. "Our crew wanted to have the freshest tracks, we wanted to be leading edge in all aspects, especially the music", says Mat reminiscing on the days of practicing in the basement, with the sounds of Grand Master Flash, Sugar Hill Gang, Afrika Bambaataa, Freeze, TJ Swann, RUN DMC and the likes blaring from the JVC boom box. In 1986 he got in touch with house music after his brother returned home one day with a 12" of "House Nation" on DanceMania records. "I loved it!" was his instant reaction to this new sound, "I couldn't get enough of it, I'd listen to that record over and over again, I was so curious to find out more about this house sound, and what I discovered was just incredible, House Music is My Life!"

With close to 17 years of dj'ing and avid record collecting under his belt, and showing no signs of letting up, Mat has amassed a vinyl collection that virtually spans the entire spectrum of soulful dance music that ranges from early funk, soul, disco, rare-groove to r&b and hip hop, with an emphasis on Soulful Vocal House music. It is no surprise that his mixes reflect this diversity and it has become trademark to regularly intertwine the old with the new, keeping it tight with splashes of the old school and a glimpse into the future of house music.

Mat Chrysdale - December 13 2005
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