Luca was Born in Brindisi, Puglia, in 1979 (unfortunate for him since he always desired to be a part of the 70's disco movement). At the end of 1994, he started djing with one of his best friends Nicola Frigione doing some private parties in and about his city. His djing came to a turning-point as his good friend Teddy B (whom he's most grateful to) introduced Luca to the most beautiful house scene in Puglia. So he started to play in several parties around Brindisi and many started to understand his love for soulful house music and his skill at playing it.

A night that stands out in Luca's mind was when he first heard the legendary Little Louie Vega playing in Italy. Luca's inpsiration and love for house music came through Louie Vega's productions. A true fan of the Masters At Work, Luca owns just about every MAW record ever released ! He was totally impressed from Vega's incredible skill at playing and his unbelievable ability to transmit his feelings to people on the dancefloor through the music. Since then, Luca's desire to emulate Louie's passion for the music has been evident at various parties that he has played at.

At wherever Luca's played, from clubs to private parties to radio shows, he always loved to see how people were feeling the essence of house music ... and he achieved what he desired also with the help of his good friend Mauro Marrazza. Together they made people love soulful house music in the way that they loved it; as a passion, a way of life. Unfortunately all that came to an end as Luca decided to go to Turin, where he actually lives, for studies. In Turin the house scene wasn't as knowledgeable as the one in Puglia, therefore making the parties not as good as the Puglia ones that Luca frequented.

On March 2000 he attended the Winter Music Conference in Miami for the first time and he felt the emotion of being together with so many people sharing his love for the house music. The trip made a change in his life and he decided to share his knowledge and his love for house music with people from all over the world.

At the end of 2001, he and his friend Davide Maffei started the website that caters to Italy's soulful house scene providing dj mixes, party pics, and music reviews.

Luca Monopoli - January 23 2004
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