Groove Institute are Dj members YOGI, ANAND & MARK, an organization that concentrates on promoting quality dance music. From their travels worldwide over the past ten years, they have accumulated and acquired an understanding of music that they wish to share with everyone. They presently DJ & promote three successful events in Toronto called Solid Garage, Elevation and Deep Elements. Their depth and knowledge of music has helped them get booked with the likes of Julius Papp, Pepe Bradock, Kevin Yost, Mark Farina, Jazzanova, Michael Watford, Sabrynaah Pope, and Ron Trent ... just to name a few. Their sets cover a wide spectrum of music, incorporating a soulful mixture of Soul, Jazz, Latin, Brazilian, Disco, Garage and House.

Some of the talented Dj's/Artist/Performers that have been featured at their events are : Dino + Terry, Blueprint, Dj Deep, Kyoto Jazz Massive, Scott Grooves, Felix & Gani, Lonewolf, Miko, Trevor Walker, Tony Sweat, Jeremy Newall, Joe & Trini, Ron Trent, Naomi Nsombi, Richard Brooks, Ali Black, Soul Immigrants, Jojo Flores, Francois Fluet, Uncle Funke, Gazza, Antonio Ocasio, Dj Stuart, Steve Medeiros, Michael Fossati, Peter Bosco, Soul Sustenance, Kaje, Jason Barham, Jason Ulrich, John Kumahara, Kenny Bobien, King Sunshine, Curtis Smith, Sanjay Gandhi, Mr. Kicks, Gene King, Ray Prasad, Stafford, Slam Mode, Urbana feat. Nicky Lawrence, Paul E. Lopez, Pedro Parades, aba-cus, Paul Jay, Dennis Ingham, Phatjazz All-Stars, Albert Assoon, Jason Palma, DeeJay Nav, Akio Takahashi, Tony Desypris, Dj Zo, Eric Ling, KC & Victor, Angel & Cullen, Live Grooves, Nick Holder, Jason Hynes & Paul Hogan, iDRUM Group, Manuel-Josell Ramos, Denise Benson, Hali & Rod G., Adam Khan ...

Groove Institute - January 7 2004
'Solid Garage'
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