Born on November 19th, 1970 in Brooklyn NY, Frankie Feliciano was inspired by music starting with his childhood experiences. Music was always in the family; Frankie's grandfather played instruments in Puerto Rico, his father played and sang in bands in NY. And with that he grew up watching a lot of Spanish language variety shows that showcased music from all over the world. When Frankie was 10 years old, the older kids in his neighborhood were already into what was to become "Hip Hop" and at a block party, out of his window, he saw someone scratching and mixing for the first time in his life. The way the crowd reacted was all that was needed to generate an almost fanatical curiosity. Frankie's older cousin let him touch turntables for the first time and he proceeded to convince his parents to buy him some gear. And that's how it all began; A 14 year old, cutting, scratching and mimicking what he heard on the underground hip-hop radio shows. In 1986 Frankie got into house music when he was already playing freestyle. Frankie's cousins kept telling him about the Paradise Garage, which he never ended up going to, and the music that the club played. He couldn't get into it at all until he heard it at a club for the first time and the DJ that night was none other than Louie Vega. When asked about his talents, he indicated, "I know my instruments enough to help me with my productions to date. I wish I had Stevie Wonder's voice, but I don't." As for the future, he doesn't know. "No one can really say. hip-hop was supposed to be dead over 10 years ago, and look where it is. I think that the less talented and creative people in the industry are pushing house music, and music in general, to get to a more futuristic area. With that, it becomes easier for their computers to create music for them. I'm not worried about the future, or what it holds in store for us, musically. Creativity is the key. There are too many records out there that copy the hot style of the moment. Copycats will always kill any industry. The dependency on technology as your sole creative engine is also contributing to the stagnant state of the industry.

"Go out, learn to play something, write a lyric, and do something that doesn't involve a mouse." He continues "I'm a moody person, so I guess I make moody music. Rarely would I want to make a 'stomp your feet and shout' type of record. I listen to a lot of dark jazz, and Brazilian songwriters, which are always dark, poetic and have a lot of irony to their songs. I don't work well with others, so collaborations are pretty much out of the question. A label will be up and running in the very near future, I'm just waiting on some trademark issues, and we'll be on our way. Along the way I've made a lot of friends in this jaded industry. Roger S. was a big help to me in the early days, but Louie has always been like a big brother to me. Shep Pettibone, Tony Humphries, Timmy Regisford are some of the other DJ's that have inspired me as well."

Frankie Feliciano - May 18 2004
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