Felix and Gani - The myth revealed ...

When not succumbing to their primal hunting instincts Felix and Gani are loyal slaves of the black vinyl disc gods. They grew up together in the dangerous jungles of Oakwood/Eglinton in the mighty City Of York where they established themselves as one of the finest sounds in the legendary Junior Caribana soundclashes with their own Scarface Soundsystem. Aftet winning several clashes they were given the nicknames "Don" Felix and Gani "Montana".

They mastered their craft in the the dancehall underground and were lured to house music when they first heard Strike It Up by Black Box while trying to "... impress the ladies with their moves ..." at a highschool dance. The duo were forced to retire their Scarface Soundsystem in shame after trying to play house for the City Of York massive but committed themselves to their newly found passion.

It was not long before their dj skills were recognized once again. This time it was Gani's brother who fell victim to their sweet sounds and quickly hired them as milk. residents djs in 1996. Since then they have fine tuned themselves to become 2 of Toronto's best kept secrets. They have been the musical force behind milk. playing alongside artists such as Howie B, IG Culture, Idjut Boys, Joey Negro, Pepe Bradock, Dmitri From Paris, Miles Halloway, Fauna Flash, and Kid Loco just to name a few.

"Don" Felix and Gani "Montana" hope you enjoy their mix and will keep preaching what the vinyl gods tell them to.

To learn more about milk. visit milkevents.com

You can catch Felix and Gani doing it live every saturday night at Charlie's in the Guvernment at 132 Queens Quay. If you want to get in for free just email gani@milkevents.com and your wish will come true.

Felix & Gani - March 2 2003
'milk. @ GHM'
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