What can you say about these two fellas.......Angel & Cullen. First off, yes, both of their names are real. These two have approached their dj sets as they have their friendship; seamless, fun and unpredictable. With both of them playing out separately during the early 90's their similar tastes in house forced them to pair up as they’re known today. Their sets have rocked the floors of many parties before and after midnight. They consistently show their diversity travelling from gospel to jazzy to deep, dirty numbers. It's only their respect for the dance floors and the dancers that push them forward today.

Their first real break as a team came in '98 when they landed their residency at "Element Bar". Thursday was the night they could be found developing their styles together, along with some friends who would drop by and jam with them. This chemistry eventually spread to their Saturday night spot at "Element Bar" as well, where they remain a permanent fixture on the club’s line-up to this day. With their home-base firmly set....the house community openly embraced the two with spots at many of Toronto’s best parties. Most notably: Solid Garage, Garage 416, Solutions, Boogie Box, OutOfNowhere, Therapy, Basic, Glow and Shifting Gears. All the while keeping their hearts where they belong by throwing a series of their own summer late-night parties.

On the side the two have a weekly internet radio show called "Intrinsic Elements" which airs Monday's from 2-4pm on www.beats.to . They have also played guest spots on CKLN and CHRY community radio here in Toronto. Looking to the future, this pair seems ready to push their careers forward and have some fun doing it. Join them for a cold beverage, a warm beat and perhaps maybe a crispy fried.....

Angel & Cullen - November 27 2003
'Right Angle Mix'
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